New Right Network Partners With the Veterans For Trump Organization

Today on Memorial Day, New Right Network (NRN), a community-based, politically-conservative media and broadcasting company, announced that they have partnered with the Veterans For Trump organization.

Vets for Trump movement was established by U.S. Military combat Veterans and works in conjunction with veteran service organizations, nonprofits, corporate sponsors, and government agencies to provide support and advocacy for Veterans at national and local events. They have made friends and allies with many influencers and organizations such as Patriot Guard, Diamond and Silk, Deplorable Choir, Cowboys for Trump, Bikers for Trump, Black Voices for Trump, Latinos For Trump, Diversity Coalition, Citizens for Trump, and Turning Point USA to name the few. The Vets for Trump Movement is the crucial part of re-electing President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

The partnership includes developing an NRN show featuring Veterans that projects a June 2020 launch. It also entails live streaming other NRN+ shows involving Vets or candidates who support Vets on the Veterans For Donald Trump Facebook page with 214K followers as well as their other Facebook pages. Over Memorial Day weekend, on Saturday, May 23, 2020, NRN+ live streamed an exciting four-hour “Make America Free Again” Rally on the Veterans For Donald Trump Facebook page.

The founder of New Right Network, of his network’s partnership with Veterans For Trump, said, “We’re super excited. One of the biggest things at NRN that we want to focus on is our relationship with our Veterans. It’s a tremendous opportunity that we have and we look forward to every minute of every day to help them because we know they support us also.”

New Right Network (NRN) has the right voice, right now. They mentor everyday individuals and experienced reporters to broadcast their lives and values of faith, family, and freedom. Their collective mission is to represent the ideas which are important to us in the current societal, cultural, healthcare, and political climate on the online marketplace of ideas.




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New Right Network

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